Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Maga - Puerto Rican Hibiscus

This pattern is by Wally Sosa and can be found here. I am sorry I did not do this pattern justice. Mine is unlike the photo from the pattern because I got too carried away blocking. I was not sure how to do the chain stitch. I think it should be tatted with a larger thread. I used Altin Basak Size 50. The Hibiscus is also the national flower of Malaysia. 


  1. I really like the way you blocked this and I love the look of your flower!

    You and I block oicots differently as I prefer mine to be rounder, but in this case I love what you have done.

    When I checked Wally's pattern I see what you mean - her fleur looks more Hibiscus-like. But it is not as pretty as yours in my opinion!
    Fox ; ))

    Gian was asking after Umi and sends big hugs.

  2. I really like your flower! :) It may not be as the pattern, but it's great anyway!! :)

  3. Looks ok to me, a lovely little pattern


  4. Its amazing how different a pattern can look just by blocking. I would never have realised that was the same pattern. Still locks lovely

  5. Interesting variation though, even if it isn't exactly like the original. I didn't know that the Hibiscus was the national flower of Malaysia. I actually have a framed x-stitch piece of a hibiscus on my wall. I stitched it many, many years ago and it's always been one of my favorite finishes.

  6. Blocking for angles instead of curves in the petals is a very interesting effect. I like it both ways. Thanks for the link to Wally's pattern.

    I am gradually working on the Ruth Scharf challenge-just started my fourth flower.

  7. Thank you for all your comments. I do prefer Wally's version. I think I may have done the chain stitch incorrectly. Her petals look like they overlap each other.
    With regards to blocking, I guess I was tired that night and was too lazy to put in more pins. Perhaps I will try in a Perle Cotton thread. Some patterns just look better in Perle Cotton.
    I hope you get a chance to try this pattern too, we can then compare notes.

  8. That's so pretty! I like the look of it blocked. I don't usually block my work, specially this one. I like that the petals look a little ruffled and overlapping. For the petals to be a little more wide try adding and extra crochet chain before joining the picots. Thanks for making such a pretty interpretation! Wally