Wednesday 1 February 2012

Flower Medallions Set 3

Has it been a month already. Where did the 4 weeks go, in a blink of an eye. Set 3 is tatted in Lizbeth Size 40 #635 Violet Pink Dark and #139 Fruit Fizz. If you noticed, I used one colour from the last set with a new colour. I had fun coordinating the colours. Some are more contrasting than others. If you have a Lizbeth colour suggestions, I would love to hear what you have in mind.


  1. Those are fabulous!! Love your color combinations!! :)

  2. Unusual colour arrangement - it works very well!

    I can only see carrying on with yellow tones in another set, if I am following your reasoning...
    Fox : )

  3. They are lovely, my suggestion is Raspberry Frappe, and butterfly breeze. They are my favorite colours.


  4. Thank you for your suggestions. I was going for all the purple, lilac, mauve, pink shades but I could go towards yellows and light blues too. I love raspberry frappe and must try to get butterfly breeze. Need to raid ny Lizbeth stash and contemplate again.