Monday 20 February 2012


I took the words out of Fox's mouth. She said use it, but do not do it. But I have done it!!

This is my inglorious tatting. Oh frustration . . . can you see that it has been joined at all the wrong places. Now instead of a straight row, it is a curved one.

To remedy it, I had to cut out two flowers and tatted 2 fresh ones to join. If you are joining the leaves to 'double flower medallions' like this, I suggest you do the top and bottom leaves first before tackling the side leaves.

Anyway, just wanted to point you to these blogs where the Tischband Tat Along is progressing: CindyFrivole; Diane; ElizFox; Tattabugg; Corina; Red; Neeneral; Jess;   

Do send me a link if I missed your blog post on the Tat Along.


  1. Wendy. I think this double flower medallion is glorious. Love it. Hugs Judy

  2. It looks astounding!

    I had to laugh - I did the very same thing. So hard to join the thing up in the right places! tricky. You did well.
    Fox : )

  3. I love your colour choices.
    I have the book but have other projects (some non-tatting) in hand. But the pictures of the Tat-Along is getting to me. So, who knows, someday.....

  4. You have so lovely color that i miss to look where
    you join in the wrong place!
    But now I can show here my foto

  5. It's looking lovely so far, I like your colours,
    If I do start them I will let you know

  6. I'm a bit late, but I'm in progress:

  7. Oh how I love your work. I am a wanna be tatter but just never got the hang of it yet...
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pieces.

  8. I hope these inspire you to tat, Maggie.

    Mariya, I look forward to see you crocheted version of this pattern.

    Margaret, I think we have the same taste in colours.

    Kiss, I am so glad you decided to make one of your first post on the Tat Along.

    Thank you Judy and God's kid.

    Jon, do try to join us.

    Fox, funny how we made the same mistake.

  9. Sehr schön sind die Blüten und Blätter aus dem Buch von Ruth Scharf geworden. Ich besitze auch beide Bücher. Habe aber noch nicht viel daraus gearbeitet. Das spornt mich an. Auch die Farben sind sehr hübsch.

  10. I am so glad it is inspiring you, Joschaocchi