Friday 10 February 2012

Flower Medallions Set 6

Am I collecting flower medallions. Yes, it looks that way. These were tatted in Dark Purple #633 and Purple Iris Fusion #162. Both are  Lizbeth 40. Yes that is dark purple and not black. Too dark?? The flowers are joined by one picot. I always have to remind myself not to forget to join to the next flower.

You must visit Diane and Cindy to see their pretty blossoms.


  1. Have you sought professional help yet?

    What a lot of blossoms you have tatted. I cannot wait to see what you do with them all.
    Fox : )

    (still working on the leaves.)

  2. These blossoms are beautiful. And I don't think that the purple is too dark. I like the colour.

  3. Love the colour and the flower medalions, can't wait to see it finished I might just be tempted to do this!

  4. Hello to everyone. Please join if you can, the more colours the merrier.

    Ambitious, that's me when it comes to tatting. Let's hope it works out.