Saturday, 18 February 2012

Flower Medallions Set 8

This colour combination is Lizbeth 40 Country Grape Swirl #140 and Lilac Dark #641. If you have not started on this Tat Along, I suggest you make picots smaller than this. It would look neater and easier to join up. I forgot to post this earlier.


  1. What about shorter for just the joined ones? The blue is gorgeous!

  2. You have been using some really nice colors!! :)

  3. Thay's an idea, Michelle.

    Glad you like the colours, too!! Gotta raid my Lizbeth stash again for colour ideas.

  4. Brilliant colours, I have not had time to try this pattern yet, this horrible bug has laid me low all week, Hope to get more done this week
    Have a nice weekend

  5. Your colors are beautiful!
    I too make the picots that serve to join shorter!
    But i'm in doubt with the leave!
    The first I make with your directions,but then I look to the original and I see one more little curve
    I remake the second leave with one more in center,but is not the right way!
    Now I can't buy the original pattern even if german is my
    mother's language!

  6. I totally agree with you about the picots.

    To me, they look best as small as possible, so as not to distract from the overall design.

    This colour-way is certainly unique.
    Fox : )

  7. Margaret, I hope you are better now.

    Night, It is easy to lose count.

    Fox, somehow it seems like an unlikely combination but I think it works when joined up with the other colours, . . . . I hope!!