Friday 30 July 2010

July 2010 Giveaway Winners

There were 20 entries and there can only be 2 winners this month. Using the random number generator, the blue pair goes to Teresa and the white pair goes to Jane S. Please send me your addy and your earrings will be sent off to you as soon as possible.

Now these earrings were inspired by a design motif from Delia by Iris Niebach. If you have tatted the doily before it would look familiar. I have been tatting Delia for the past 2 months or so, in between bookmarks (animals and crosses), snowflakes, butterflies and earrings. I love the shape and it reminded me of thistle. We got a number of interesting answers from the giveaway comments. I enjoyed reading all your comments and thank you for participating.

Thursday 29 July 2010

Lene Bjorn's Snowflakes - 3rd & 12th

It was just sheer coincidence that I was tatting this snowflake the same time as Fox was tatting hers. I am posting this a little late. If you notice mine looks different. That is because a made a boo boo in the first green chain and had to improvise. The pattern is from Lene Bjorn's book '24 Snowflakes in Tatting' on page 11 - The Third Day of December. The threads are also from Fox through the thread exchange. Cebelia 20 Col. 743 (yellow) and 992 (green). Thank you Fox. I love the bright colour combo.

This pattern is on page 20 - The Twelve Day of December. Now the tatting here is not good and I should have made the picots larger. The chain tension was all over the place and blocking did not help either. This is done in Flora 20 Col. 246.

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Postcard from Judy

Sometime last week, I received this from Judy. She knew I love the Anne of Green Gables book and the TV series. How sweet of her to remember when she was on holiday there this summer. In her postcard, she mentioned how beautiful Prince Edward Island is.

I would love to visit Prince Edward Island. I hope Judy comes back soon and blogs about her trip. Thank you Judy for the lovely postcard.

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Tatted Butterflies Part 3

Iris is found on page 13 of 'Tatted Butterflies' by Adelheid Dangela. This one is done in Lizbeth Size 20 in Col: 132 (Tropical Punch) & 620 (Azalea medium). It is quite large measuring 7 x 5 inches. I explained earlier that I will try to tat as many as I can before returning the book to the library. It's just a personal challenge. Things get done much earlier when there is a challenge or deadline.

Sunday 25 July 2010

Camilla bookmark

Camilla is a pattern from Lene Bjorn's book (page 27). Comparing to the other cross bookmarks that I have tried, this was the easiest pattern to tat and it was done fast too. Thread used is Coron Size 40 Light Yellow (102 8B). It measures approx. 4.5 x 3.5 inches.

Friday 23 July 2010

Surprise package from Gina

This month I made quite a number of online purchases and was eagerly looking out for the post to arrive. Imagine my surprise when I got a box from Gina. I was thrilled and wondered what I did to deserve this. Thank you Gina for your kind gifts, your thoughts in choosing each one and the lovely packaging.

Gina had a giveaway which I didn't win. I loved the bookmark and the colour. I was amazed at how it was tatted with the large picots and how it was weaved.
Well, Gina made me one with some design modifications. Isn't it gorgeous. I will cherish this.
A tatted edging was used to embellish the Ginseng and ginger bath tea sachet. I do not have a bath tub at home but rest assured the next time we travel, I will be bringing this along to soak in the hotel bath. I love how the button is incorporated. Lovely, lovely!!

Gina noticed I used fancy knitting yarn to tie my little packages and she shared with me this one from her stash. I love the sunset colours.

And look, how thoughful of her to gift me these. These booklets published by Karey Solomon are also going with me on my next holiday with a shuttle and some threads. Inside tatting patterns for small projects, perfect for when one is on holiday but still feel the need to tat late at night.

The remaining ball of thread from the bookmark Gina tatted because I liked the colour so much. Thank you!! I love the colour. We do get Coats threads in Singapore but not this range which is made in UK. I like using red threads for tatting especially if I am going to give the piece away. Red is an auspicious color.

And because I talk about my cats so much, cat theme notepad and beads. The notepad is small and light enough for me to put in my handbag. The cat beads are so unique. When I create something with them, I will share.
Thank you so much Gina!!

Wednesday 21 July 2010

July 2010 Giveaway

Two pairs of earrings to be won in this month's Umi & Tsuru's giveaway. What does this tatted shape remind you of? Just leave a comment before 28 July 2010 and your name will be included in a draw to win a pair. This means I will be drawing two names, the first will win the blue pair (1.8 x 1.0 inches) and the second name drawn will win the white pair (1.6 x 1.0 inches).

Monday 19 July 2010

Maria bookmark

Maria is a pattern from Lene Bjorn's book 'Tatted Bookmarks - cross-shaped' on page 9. The cross measures just 3.75 x 2.75 inches. I tatted this in a variegated green (Star size 70, Col: 140). The thread is from Paige through the Tatters Thread Exchange. I kept forgetting to join picots (for whatever reason, I may have been distracted) and had to unpick my tatting a few times.

Saturday 17 July 2010

Tatted Butterflies Part 2

More butterflies from Adelheid Dangela's book 'Tatted Butterflies'. This pattern named Paula is found on page 26. I like how the body of the butterfly is designed. Quite a unique pattern consisting mostly chains. Thread used here is Altin Basak Size 50 Col. 311.

This was tatted specially for Fox of Tat-ology. Just a thank you gift for organizing the thread exchange. I hope she has received it together with the threads we exchanged. This pattern is called Ricarda (a variation of Paula) on page 27 of the book. I used Coron Size 40 in a variegated green (#155-8A).

This is my favourite called Flora on page 11. This is tatted in Oren Bayan Size 50 Col. 012 pink and purple variegate.

Thursday 15 July 2010

Heidi bookmark

This pattern is called Heidi from the book 'Tatted Bookmarks - Cross-shaped' by Lene Bjorn. I like the effect of the Josephine rings on the outline. All rings with no chains, so just load up the shuttle and tat. This is tatted in Mercer Size 40 white and it measures only 3.75 x 2.75 inches. I will be tatting more crosses from this book. I want to tat as many as I can before I return the book to the library.

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Singapore buildings

AAA was attending a 2-day training course downtown in the Parkview Square building. I asked him whether he had a good view and he took some photos for me. This is Suntec City and the Singapore Flyer on the left.

This is one of my favourite buildings in Singapore, The Gateway. I took a photo of it from the other side in a moving bus and showed it here. This is the view from Parkview Square. Parkview Square is also an unusual and interesting building, not usually seen in Singapore. Must get a photo of it too. Read about it here.

Sunday 11 July 2010

Tatted Butterflies Part 1

Recently I borrowed Adelheid Dangela's Tatted Butterflies from the National Library and tatted these two in Altin Basak #2347. On the left is Diana (pattern found on pg 9) and Teresa on the right (pattern on page 23). I think this colour would pop in any background colour. I'm planning to tat more of these in time for someone's birthday.

Friday 9 July 2010

Tatters Thread Exchange

These are examples of my threads wound up for exchange. If you would like to take part, check it out here. I have already sent off threads to 8 tatters. I think it is a good way to test threads before you buy them or just to try out threads which you do not normally get in your local craft store.

These are what I have received so far. Can't wait to tat with them. I have YLI, Star, Lily, Omega, Valdani, Finca and Perlovka which I have never tried and Lizbeth for colours which I do not have.

Thank you to Fox of Tat-ology for organizing this and to all tatters who have participated in this exchange. It was great fun. Do join in!

Wednesday 7 July 2010


To add to the tatted zoo bookmarks, this is the swan tatted in Coron variegated light yellow. I wanted to show Typstatting this colour thread tatted up. I hope she likes the colour as she requested for this thread in the thread exchange. This range of Coron threads are smooth to tat with.

Now below is the Altin Basak threads with metallic strand incorporated. This is the first time I'm using this brand and this type of thread. It is quite easy to use, just that I must remind myself not to tat too tightly. A few times the metallic strand broke and it was quite difficult to incorporate it back in. I used my 'Fray Check' to 'glue' the metallic strand back and continued tatting. I rather like the effect!

Swan tatted in white with silver (Beyaz 1), gold with gold (2351) and black with silver (Siyah 1). Which is your favourite?

Tuesday 6 July 2010

My Tatted Zoo

I forgot to acknowledge the designer of these patterns. These are all from Dianna Stevens' book 'Animal Bookmarks - A Tatted Zoo'.
From left to right: Tat Cat in Anchor Cotton Perle 8, Col. 1302; Snake in GT Cotton Pearl 8 in variegated red; Alligator in DMC Cotton Perle 8 Col. 111 (variegated mustard); Lion in Anchor Cotton Perle 8, Col. 1302 and Col. 381.

Pig in Anchor Cotton Perle 8 Col. 1320.

Butterfly heart in GT Cotton Perle 8 in variegated red.

Owl in Anchor Cotton Perle 8 Col. 381, DMC Cotton Perle 8 Ecru and Col. 94 (variegated khaki green).

Monday 5 July 2010

One for all my American blogger friends

This was served at one of our meals in a restaurant. Brownies came out in all different types of plates and I especially loved this one. Since it is appropriate but a little late, Happy July 4th to all my American blog readers and friends.

Last night we watched 2 documentaries, one titled 'America: The Story of the US' on the History channel and 'Creating Synthetic Life' on Discovery channel. Both were interesting. American history in school was very minimal so it was really informative. The latter is also interesting as this was a review of Craig Venter's research done in the last 10 years.

Saturday 3 July 2010

Tatted Clown

This was one of my tatting lessons done in August 2006. When I tatted it, I thought to myself what on earth am I going to do with it. Now, I guess I could put it on a t-shirt for my niece who turned 2 in May 2010. Hopefully it will get done before she turns 3.

Friday 2 July 2010

Lunch box bag

This is my new lunch box bag. When I was looking to buy one, I could not find it. Just as you have given up, you chance upon it. I found this in a KL department store when I was visiting mom.

ST, if you like it, let me know. The stats/data mining software is PASW Modeler.

Thursday 1 July 2010

New Stained Glass Project - Chinese Phoenix

I have decided on this phoenix pattern for my next stained glass project. I will use the copper foil technique as it has a lot of small pieces. The free pattern is from Chantal Pare. This is what it looks like after 15 hours of work. Still a long way to go. It is approximately 262 pieces of glass, which has to be cut and shaped.

June 2010 Giveaway Winner

Number 4 is generated and the winner is Julia. She wins this tatted snail. Thank you to all who participated. Even if you did not win, I hope it will encourage you to tat or make yourself something pretty. If not, come back next month for another giveaway. Have a great day!!