Wednesday 23 January 2008

My button fairies

Two of my button fairies arrived today. Aren't they lovely? Top pink one is from Deb and below in purple is from Nicola. I love the images that they chose. Deb's image looks like a stamped image on wood. Nicola's image is cool too. Love the antennae and the purple wings with glitter. Thank you both!

Tuesday 22 January 2008

Handmade gift exchange

I recently received this from Linda F from US. A Frida Kahlo pendant which is reversible. Also included in her package are two extra charms, beads and a watch mechanism. I need to find out how to put the watch mechanism together. It came with a lovely card and pretty flower stamps. Thank you, Linda. You're sweet and thoughful to make this for me.

Monday 21 January 2008


Alyssa is in pink with a dress dotted with pink flowers and pretty lace on her dress hem. She has a rhinestone solitaire necklace, and a pink flower in her hair. Her beaded angel wings flutter behind her with a star wand in her right hand and a beautiful butterfly charm in her left. She looks unhappy because someone ate her cupcake.

Sunday 20 January 2008

~Effie~ completed

I finished it last night and started on another this afternoon. It is so much fun to do. Thank you Pat for the lovely kit and great instructions. It also smells great because of the lavender. It has a most appropriate charm which was included in the kit. I added the little flower in her hair, some green and amber beads in the tassel and sparkling gems for her shoes from my stash of beads. Otherwise everything else is from Pat's kit. Isn't the lollipop just cute?

Saturday 19 January 2008

Altered child kit ~Effie~

I spent some time this afternoon sewing this altered child which I bought from Pat Winter Gatherings at Etsy. I received Pat's package on Thursday evening and could not wait to start. Pat included all materials including the lavender to fill, threads, image, backing cloth, sequins, beads and other embellishments . . . and of course instructions to make this. I want to add a little beaded loop at the top and maybe a tassle at the bottom tommorrow. Will post the photo when I finish it. I have not done blanket stitch since I was in school. So needlework in school did prove useful after all.

Tuesday 15 January 2008

Flying pigs and a rose

I found the tatting pattern for the flying pig from Jane Eborall's site. I thought it was really cute and tried it out. I think my onion ring technique for the first three rounds are not quite right. I had a most enjoyable time doing the flying pigs. Thank you Jane. The stars pattern are from Tatted Snowflakes (Dover Needlework Series) by Vida Sunderman. I also made a single Delica rose pin. I made these for my third exchange. I sent this out this morning to Canada. I hope she likes it.

Sunday 13 January 2008

My first mini bear

I hand stitched each and every inch. I used a DIY kit and was really pleased on how it turned out. The kit had everything including needle, thread and everything you see on this mini bear. It's about 10cm / 4inch tall. I had some difficulty sewing the oval patch to the back legs. I'm sure I will make more of these mini bears.

Tuesday 1 January 2008

2008 is here!!

Happy New Year
'Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, live today'

Dendrobium senile blooms

Two blooms on a hairy orchid. The plant has tiny hairs all over with no leaves but puts out flowers. First time it is flowering since I got it. Just in time for 2008.

Cranberry Bread

I found some fresh cranberries in the supermarket and decided to try making cranberry bread. Pat baked them and shared Terri's recipe. Thank you both. I bought 3 Sunkist oranges but could only manage 3/4 cup of orange juice. I confess I diluted it with water. I could not find the usual Honey Murcott oranges from Australia which I usually use for my orange cake. The smell from the oven when it was baking was yummy. It filled the whole house. I had half a loaf by myself with some Earl Grey tea. Some of the cranberries were very tart but the sugar in the recipe was sufficient. Do try it out when fresh cranberries are still available. Or as the package said. Buy two, freeze one.