Tuesday 30 June 2009

Received Puzzle Piece #4

This is puzzle piece #4 which is made by Cathy. Visit her blog http://cathyscrazybydesign.blogspot.com/ for beautiful CQ pieces and notice that she loves vintage linens and lace. Her photos capture the beauty of the vintage linens and lace. She mentioned in her blog that this piece, being her first, bore the brunt of her experimentation but I am really glad to receive it. I love the colours and the image she chose. I think it is very pretty!

Sunday 28 June 2009

Received puzzle piece #3

This puzzle piece is handmade by Liz. You can see how much detail goes in to this piece. Each leave is individually made and stitched on. I love the doll face which is surrounded with beads. There are also glass leaves and a butterfly. I like how Liz finished the edges. I must learn how to do this for the next round of Pieces of Friendship puzzle swap .
I checked out Liz's blog and found out that she did receive one of my puzzle piece.

Friday 26 June 2009

Received Puzzle Piece #2

This lovely puzzle piece is by Sharon. Do visit her blog http://wildflowerhouse.blogspot.com/ and her Etsy shop here for her other beautiful pieces. I love flowers and by looking at Sharon's work, she loves flowers too. I recently tried my hand at silk ribbon embroidery and found it very rewarding. I love the pansies which she has sewn on this puzzle piece, not forgetting the roses and the blue on the French knots are just pretty. Thank you Sharon.

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Received Puzzle Piece #1

I joined Pat's Pieces of Friendship Puzzle Piece exchange and received my pieces late last week. I am going to post each piece. This is one from Melusine made specially for me. You can see Melusine's intricate stitches. Her work is so fine and beautiful, I love the different shades of green, the different types of leaves, the beading and the silver acorn. I think it is an acorn. Thank you, Melusine.

Wednesday 17 June 2009

New Tatted Motif - Spot the Difference

This tatted motif is by Jeff Hamilton of Bridge City Tatting. You can find the pattern here. What I love about this is the shape of the finished motif. It is easy to tat and very rewarding. Here I did one in variegated purple and varigated orange in Manuela size 20. The one in the centre is tatted in Cebelia 30 in light tan brown.
Can you spot the difference?

Tuesday 9 June 2009

Old versus new buidlings

In the background are high rise buildings for public housing called the The Pinnacle at Duxton. It is the tallest public housing to date.It consists of 7 buildings in total each with 50 floors. Blocks will be linked on the 26th floor and at roof level by sky gardens with jogging tracks and other recreational and sporting facilities. It is expected to be ready this year.

The building in the front is a little older. Completed in 1903, the Jinricksha Station is located at the junction of Neil Road and Tanjong Pagar Road. It served as the registration centre for rickshaws.

Wednesday 3 June 2009

Jon's Quantiesque Snowflake Part 2

I love this pattern by Jon Yusoff. And yes I tatted one more in Lady Shuttle Maker's Shades of Gray hand dyed Threads (HDT). If you would like to try this, link to the pattern. If you need HDTs link here to shop.

Monday 1 June 2009

Sunflower on the Floor

I woke up one morning to this. I had three stalks in a vase on my kitchen counter the night before. The next morning I had one on the floor with petals chewed off. I returned it to the vase. The very next morning, it was on the floor again with more petals chewed off.

Who did this?

Not me!

Tsuru insists the sunflower tastes good.