Monday 27 October 2008

Oct giveaway goes to TattingChic

Tsuru was not happy to do the monthly draw tonight. Look at her face. Don't worry, I gave her a treat and she was happy. Congratulations to TattingChic. All the tatted butterflies goes to you. Do send me your details. Thank you to all who participated and a very warm welcome to new visitors.

Wednesday 22 October 2008

October Giveaway

Butterflies big (1.2 inch) and small (0.3 inch). You will get the whole lot. Just leave a comment and tell me your favourite colour by 26 October 2008, I will do a draw on 27 September 2008 and list the winner then. Do check back to find out who the winner is. E-mails are also accepted.

Tuesday 21 October 2008

Hydrangeas for my table

I am afraid I did not grow these but they are lovely aren't they? These are from the florist to brighten my work table. Very pretty. I try to have some flowers on my table. Hydrangeas are one of my favourites.

Monday 20 October 2008

My hummingbird's new home

This is where my hummingbird's hanging. Light from the window enhances the colours of the glass and yes, you have an idea of the view I have from my study window.

Sunday 19 October 2008

Works of art from Krista Raak

It was a Wednesday night when I got back with a package from Estonia. I know it is somewhere in Northern Europe but where is that? Just below Finland, in between Latvia and Russia. Krista is from Estonia and she's on Etsy. I saw these and fell in love with them. It was beautifully packaged and even the boxes were customised by Krista. Did you see her little card? It was just a pleasure unwrapping them. And lying in lilac tissue, emerged these wonderful works of art. Have a look at Krista's Etsy shop and her website.

Thursday 16 October 2008

Tatted butterflies for Vanessa

The photo shows Vanessa's butterfiles which I tatted for her. She will use some in a CQ collage for her daughter who is getting married. It arrived safe and sound so I can now show you the photo of her butterflies. I wanted her to see it first. It took some time to arrive and I was afraid it got lost in the mail, so I started making some more. I think I know what to do with them. They will be my October giveaway which I will put up next week. Do look out for them. Vanessa, you are most welcome to join, too. I normally use Size 20 threads but only recently I discovered HDT from Sherry and Size 80 threads. I love her HDTs. It is still easier to tat with Size 20 but some projects should be done in Size 80 especially if you want the extra delicate lacey look.

Tuesday 14 October 2008

Awarded and Tagged by TattingChic

Thank you TattingChic for the award. I was also tagged at the same time and I tried to fill up the lists, all but one. I hope it's okay. Sorry I took some time to post this.

7 Things I plan to do before I die:
1. Learn watercolor painting
2. Live on a farm
3. Learn pottery
4. Go fishing
5. Dye my hair red
6. Do a mixed media art project
7. See the Grand Canyon

7 Things I do now:
1. Yoga
2. Tat, knit, craft
3. Buy jewelry
4. Gardening
5. Love my cats
6. Cook and bake food I love
7. Take photos and blog

7 Things I can't do:
1. Remembering numbers
2. Confront
3. Sports
4. Manage children
5. Small talk
6. Climb my way to the top (mountain, line, queue, wall)
7. Keep people waiting

7 Things that attract me to the Opposite Sex:
1. Intelligence
2. Good sense of humour
3. Kindness
4. Adventurous spirit
5. Tall, dark and almost handsome
6. Love animals
7. Ambition

7 Things that I say most often:
1. Do as you like!
2. Isn’t that beautiful?
3. Sigh!
4. I want to learn how to do that.
5. What’s good?
6. Thank you!
7. How much?

7 Favorite Foods:
1. Potato chips
2. Beef noodles
3. Any kind of dessert
4. Bitter gourd omelet
5. Rib eye steak
6. Prawn curry
7. Roast duck

Monday 13 October 2008

My first TIAS all done!

I finally finished my TIAS. A few days late but it is done. Can you tell what it is? My guess was a chandelier or a cathedral but it was not to be. I had lots of fun. Thank you Lady Shuttle Maker.

Sunday 12 October 2008

Stained Glass Boot Camp Day 2

Glass cutting done on Day 2. Next was grinding the glass pieces, followed by foiling and soldering.

This is what it looked like after soldering, washing and painted with the patina solution.

It is done, my first stained glass hummingbrid suncatcher. I was not too satisfied with the way I did the soldering. The next 3 pieces were done by my fellow classmates. I did not get to photograph the rest.

Saturday 11 October 2008

Stained Glass Boot Camp

This is what I did in the accelerated beginner's stained glass class which I attended today. Four hours today and another four hours tomorrow. It is the first time they are running the class this way. Otherwise it would be 2 hours each week, for 4 weeks.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and can't wait for tommorrow's class. I decided on the hummingbird. I needed to cut 25 pieces but only managed 16 today. Will need to do the rest tomorrow.

Tuesday 7 October 2008

Tatting purse, shuttle and threads from Vanessa

I received this in the mail today. What a pleasant way to end my day. I agreed to do an exchange with Vanessa when she asked whether I could tat some butterflies for her. She told me she would send me a purse that she made which I could use to store a shuttle and some threads for one project. Thank you so much Vanessa. She explained that she wanted to give me something extra. I hope you like the butterflies I tatted. I will post the photo when Vanessa receives them. I love the purse because you made it and you are sweet to add the extras but really you did not have to. Love the lilies of the valley in the teacups and the thread colours are just sweet. Thank you!!

Monday 6 October 2008

The Pink Artist Drawing

Find out how you can help create awareness about breast cancer.

Follow the link.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Draw is on 15 Oct 2008.

Do participate for a good cause.

Sunday 5 October 2008

Stained Glass Boot Camp

I am excited about this new course that I have signed up for. I have always wanted to learn stained glass art. Last year I shopped with Glass Menagerie on Etsy I got some pieces from her for myself and as Christmas gifts. Hopefully after the class, I would be able to do one simple one myself. I will bring my camera to capture the process. Wish me luck! I am attending the class next weekend.

Photos below show Umi and Tsuru being curious about my stained glass lamp when I first unpacked it from the box.

Saturday 4 October 2008

Nigela’s Pistachio Chocolate Fudge

I caught Nigella Lawson's TV show last Friday and did not believe this recipe was so simple. I wanted to try it for myself. All that was needed was dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa (350g), condensed milk (1 can/397g), butter (30g) and pistachios (150g, shelled). Melt chocolate with condensed milk under low heat, mix in chopped pistachios and pour into tray and refrigerate. Cut and store in freezer. I wish you could taste this. Try it and let me know what you think of it.

Wednesday 1 October 2008

Hari Raya

We visited a friend RZ for Hari Raya today. She had an open house. We have been faithful visitors to her place every Hari Raya for a few years now. We love the spicy food that her mom prepares and at least if we do not see old friends, this is one excuse to meet.

Hari Raya literally translates to ‘a day of celebration’, celebrating the end of a month of day fasting for the Muslims. In Singapore it is one day off work/school but in Malaysia, we could end up with a week off school.

We also talked about our intended trip to Shanghai in December to visit another good friend who’s been working there since July. RZ just lost her sick cat. The little one had liver failure and passed away last week after many blood tests, x-ray and tube feeding. Makes me think of my Umi and Tsuru and being thankful that they are healthy. I am giving them extra hugs today.

I won Pat's birthday giveaway

I was woken up by Umi early this morning and I decided to check on my Etsy as I was expecting a convo reply. I missed out on an Etsy purchase but I got a happy surprise when I checked Pat's blog. I love what Pat creates with her CQ. I am suppose to select the prize but I think I am going to let Pat decide for me. I am sure I am going to love it. Thank you so much, Pat! All the best wishes to Pat on her birthday.