Wednesday 8 February 2012

Fruits of the Night Blooming Epiphylum

The flowers last only one night. I posted them here.

There are three fruits developing on the very same plant at the moment.

They look luscious. I wonder if there are any seeds inside. We will wait and see.

I bought another Epiphylum plant just before Christmas and this one has red leaves. I am waiting for it to flower.


  1. Hopefully if it was pollanated by a passing insert you could have some seeds. beautiful flower thanks for sharing.
    I have been doing a guessing game on my blog with the TIAS with those non tatters who follow my blog, the lastest today was a teapot stand!!!!! I dont think they saw your comment, their prize is a tatted whatever it is.

  2. I have one of these lovely plants but have not been able to get it to flower..... Any idea of what triggers it's blooming...?

  3. Hi Marla, I find that a good foliar fertiliser specific for flowering is essential, I find flower buds forming whenever spray is done. Of course lots of sunshine.