Saturday 11 February 2012

Flower Medallions Set 7

What about Lizbeth 40 Purple Iris Fusion #162 and Lilac Dark #611. I hope you are having fun coordinating colours. I was looking at the Tischband pattern and was thinking that you could also tat the leaves first and tat the flowers to join the leaves. I guess you need to try it out and decide which method you prefer. Do share how you would do it. I am going to post the Blatt 2 pattern by Ruth Scharf soon. 


  1. For me, tatting the leaves and joining is NOT the way to go! Too confusing! If I were to begin again I would tat the four flowers and then attach the leaves after. But, hindsight is all!
    Fox : )

    ps The purple is splendid!

  2. good idea Wendy, I was thinking of only 1 repeat ~ 4 leaves with flowers in the corners. I haven't yet started on the flowers, maybe tomorrow?? but making the leaves first sounds like a plan. I will need to read the pattern for the Blatt 2 before making up my mind.

  3. This little flowers are addictive!
    I make in a day two of them,in lilac
    But your shades are more intriguant!
    I will post mines soon

  4. I LOVE this color combination. But then I'm a fan of dark purples and blues.

  5. I hope you are having a fun time.