Tuesday 21 February 2012

Give Your Pet

. . . . . a BIG hug today. They miss you when you are away. This is Tsuru telling me how she missed me. She will inch her way in between the notebook and me and this time she plonked herself on the keyboard. For a few minutes, I could not access the keyboard and after a while she shifted and tabbed her way through the screen.


  1. I don't have a pet, funny I would love a dog, but my husband will not have one. I told him after my dog died just after I moved in with him 10yeara ago. If anything happen to him he would go out one door and a dog would walk in the other. A few years ago he said when we retire we might get a dog, No sign as yet, but I still have just over 5 years before I can retire.

  2. Aww, how sweet! When I'm studying, Layla will usually come and sit right on top of my open books. She does the same thing when I'm tatting and have the pattern laying beside me. lol

  3. They just seem to know where to plonk themselves down to get your attention?

    Pets are suppose to be great stress busters but they are a lot of work too.

    Right now, she is leaning on my lap under the notebook. She even knows the familiar sound of the notebook shutting down. That means it time for Tsuru's treat.