Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Story of Tripod

She was named Tripod for a reason.

She was brought in when she was a kitten for treatment after an accident. Her tiny leg was crushed and it had to be amputated. The kitten's owner could not care for it so she has been adopted and now a resident cat at my sister's clinic. She is curious and very mischievious. She runs and jumps onto tables just as well if not better than a normal cat. She loves hiding in drawers and while we were chatting, she happily sat on the table listening as though wanting to participate in our conversations.


  1. So resilient, aren't they? Maybe it's good our animal friends can't talk - they don't complain, they just adapt! Sweet Tripod :)

  2. What a sweet, adorable kitty! I'm so glad she's being cared for!

  3. What a pity and a shame shes a gorgeous cat, I am glad she still enjoys life. Its amazing how animals adapt to life.

  4. Hello Wendy, Your kitty is so sweet. Hugs judy