Tuesday, 21 June 2011

One More Tatting Book

This is the first book from Susanne Schwenke published in 2000. Unlike the other two books Spitzen Ideen (2003) and Spitzen Kreationen (2006), this one has the pattern written in long descriptive style in German. A little more difficult to figure out the pattern if you do not read German. The latter two books had the pattern written in short style and easier to follow. All have diagrams with stitch count so it should not be a problem. I really enjoy tatting her patterns and more importantly, you do not get bored. Does anyone know if Susanne Schwenke has published anymore tatting books after 2006?


  1. Hello, Susanne Schwenke has published not more tatting books after 2006.

    Elfriede Gröger aus Germany

  2. you might check with Riet, she might know

  3. Thank you for your answers Ladytats and Elfriede. I appreciate it.