Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hanky Edging - WIP

Almost done. Tatting completed. Now to sew it on. How do I do this?? Crochet it in? Slip stitch it in?

Maybe pin it down first. I thought this cotton hanky (12 by 12 inches) was in an unusual colour and different from the rest as the flowers were cross stitched in. It has some drawn thread work - 2 squares. I hope you can see it.


  1. I love the color you chose for the edging! I think with the drawn thread work, I would sew on the edging. On the other hand, the crocheted edging that Frivole uses really sets off the tatting. Decisions, decisions! I look forward to seeing what you decide!

  2. Hi Wendy, very pretty edging, and you got it done so fast. As for attaching it, you can do it either way. The simplest would be to stitch it on with small stitches. the crocheted edge would add to the width of the edging, so it may depend on if you would like a wider edge or if you like the look of it as it is pinned right now. For my opinion, I would stitch it on, as the wider edge might take away from the delicateness of the hanky. it is a very pretty hanky.

  3. I think there are some excellent instructions in the back of the Rebecca Jones book on sewing on the edging.

    It looks amazing! You really got through that fast.
    Fox : )

  4. Waauw thats amazing so many special handwork. I remember making such a handkerchief on school, long ago.
    kind regards

  5. the edging is very pretty! i love it. i'm tatting up an edging too, for my hanky and pondering on stitching it to the edges too... :)

  6. The edging is gorgeous! I haven't done any hankies yet, but yours looks so delicate. Since I don't crochet, I'd probably just sew it on. I'll be interested to see how you attach the edging.

  7. I usually use a few safety pins to get it spaced out correctly and then slip stitch it onto the hanky or onto a crocheted round I've already added to the hanky.

  8. Sewing edgings on is such a pain. I usually lay it out (wrong side up) and use seamstress' chalk in a light color to mark everywhere the edging will be joined. And then I blanket stitch it in a color similar to the handkerchief so that it blend in. Other tatters may do it differently, so I'm not sure what the proper way is!

    Your edging is beautiful! ^_^

  9. Thank you all so much for your suggestions and comments.

    This edging did not seem too tedious to tat and was plesantly surprised with its progress.

    I think I will sew it in. I am afraid my crocheting tension may not be uniform and ruin it. I will post it when done.