Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Lunch at

An intricate wood carving panel greeted us at the lift lobby

A giant porcelain teapot on a beautifully carved table at the reception foyer

One of the Chef's signature dishes - Fried chicken marinated in red rice wine.  I should try to make this although I would oven grill the chicken instead of frying it.

Foie Gras & Fresh Scallops - this was yummy!! Yummy!!!!! It came with deep fried mushrooms and alfalfa sprouts.

Dried scallop with sponge gourd

Another chef's signature dish - Fried mee suah (rice vermicelli) with Pig Trotters. I found this dish a little too salty and will try the 'bee hoon' (stringy rice noodles) version next time.

Steamed Cod Fillet

There are other dishes on the menu waiting to be tasted and I loved the marinated wood ear fungus they served with the pickles as appetisers.