Monday 7 May 2018

My Princess

Do cats cool themselves and pant like dogs? I think they do but she isn't panting. Maybe it is the sweltering heat and humidity because she has been sticking out her tongue more than usual. 

My princess is getting on in age. She needs potassium tablets otherwise she has problems with her hind legs. She rarely jumps on the bed now instead she sleeps on her pillow on the floor. Otherwise, she is in good health for her age, as the vet says. She eats well and now weighs 4.1kg.


  1. She's so cute with her tongue out! I've had a number of cats that did that - but not the current batch.

  2. You look after so well of course she will live to a ripe old age,
    She's looking beautiful in the picture

  3. Great photo! Those beautiful eyes and cute pink tongue! I've always loved her white markings. So glad she's eating well. I'm amazed she's almost 20 yrs old! She's very lucky that you adopted her, but she gives you - and her worldwide fans - a lot of amusement - and love!

  4. Still beautiful!

  5. That is a cute photo. I don't know about cats, but my dogs are already feeling the heat and could use a shave.