Friday 18 May 2018

Cornelia Doily WIP 2 (LHO6)

The orange has evolved into a basket. Two more rounds to go and it will be done. Lavi thought it reminded her of an orange. While it was being blocked, I asked AAA what it reminded him of, he said a basket. Maybe because I left it on top of the laundry basket to dry. I guess he meant a basket weave pattern.

Many patterns from Lee Hye-oon requires a ring to join to a chain without a picot. I found it a little unusual but if you like, you could always add in a picot for joining. For example, the middle of the three rings is joined to the previous round's chain without a picot. The joining thread just goes round the whole chain.


  1. To me it looks like something called a God's Eye or a Dream Catcher.

  2. Beautiful, I really must try and get this book. They are fabulous designs

  3. I understand that joining with out a picot cause I do that when I make up a pattern cause you just dont know ahead of time where it needs to be. When I do this I don't tat as tightly as I normally do cause I can't fit my hook in between a stitch. It does look like an orange🍊 very beautiful work 😃