Friday 11 May 2018

Cornelia Doily WIP 1 (LHO6)

Yes, I did start another pattern by Lee Hye-oon. I am not liking the part where I climbed out to the next round. I did not leave enough thread space for that false picot. Maybe if I pull it a little, it will work. Anyway, this looks simple. The same for the next couple of rounds before the next design element kicks in. I am using Lizbeth Size 40 in Col. 706 Sunkist Coral.

That reminds me. Since it has been so hot these past weeks, I have been enjoying cold watermelon cubes and Sunkist navel oranges. Kept in the fridge and enjoyed when you need something refreshing. Must shave some ice and make some ice kacang too. It has been very hot and humid. Temperatures reach 35 degrees C and with the humidity, it feels like 40 degrees C. When will it end?


  1. This would take a level of skill and patience that I do not have! I can't even guess how that center section is done! And I would never have noticed the picot issue with the climb-out round. I look forward to seeing the rest of the design!

    It's always amazing to see temperatures expressed in Celsius, because 35 F would mean cold weather. Our hot temps start in the 70s and 80s. Even so, we are having more cool weather than we would like for 'Spring', as it's only in the low 60s today. But I don't look forward to hot weather because without air conditioning, I don't deal with it very well!

  2. The doily looks a bit like a giant orange. I'm afraid the hot weather is just starting, at least over here in Romania. That cold watermelon sure sounds good!

  3. Love the colour, looking good so far,
    Send over some heat you don't want this way, it's been quite chilly at times here.

  4. Very perfect work always fun to see what you make❤🌹❤