Monday 21 May 2018

Custom Woven Labels

I ordered these woven labels when Abby of Dutch Label Shop reached out. I had no clue how the labels should look but after using the options available on the shop website, I went with these 3. The cat, heart and thread spool graphics were chosen from a variety of readily available on the website. Same goes with the font. Very easy to use and you can view the label as you change your options, which was very useful. I ordered all 3 size options and both sew on and iron on. Minimum order per design is 30 labels.

I wanted to get the woven logo labels and incorporate a tatted motif but my graphic skills are limited. Perhaps next time with some help from the experts at this label shop.

Which is your preferred Umi & Tsuru label design?


  1. Oh, custom labels, nice! That sounds like a neat little idea. I print mine on carton. I can't really decide which of the three I like better, maybe the second one.

  2. The cat one! because it absolutely refers to both of you.

  3. Lovely logo labels, I love the top one the best

  4. All three are nice, and it depends on who the gift or item is made for. I think you did well to order all three. Of course, I do like the kitty!