Saturday 29 September 2012

Test Tatting

I was excited to test tat for Victats. What an opportunity. These are 3 pendant patterns done in Lizbeth Size 40. Aren't they unusual and interesting? It was extremely fun and fast to tat up. I rummaged through my bead stash to find 12mm puff oval beads .

Left - Tatted in Lizbeth #166 Pink Cocoa with a faceted agate bead;
Centre - Tatted in Lizbeth #137 Berry Burst with a white cat's eye bead;
Right - Tatted in Lizbeth #140 Country Grape Swirl with a faceted agate bead

Look out at Vicki's space for these new patterns.


  1. These are beautiful. Great design and they look lovely in your threads.
    Fox : )

  2. These are beautiful and I love the design

  3. Those look really great!!! :)