Friday 28 September 2012


This is a traditional paper bag which is still used by this company in Chinatown where I bought some mooncakes. They remind me of old times when these were used instead of plastic bags. They also roll the mooncakes up in paper if you do not want those fancy boxes. Mom loves this type of mooncake with the mixed nuts.

Although I like the usual lotus paste ones, this year I was especially looking forward to the Teochew yam ones. I finally found them at the nearby mall. It isn't as sweet as the traditional ones which is good but the flaky pastry shell crumbles when you bite into it.

The local supermarket also had some mooncake festival goodies like the pomelos, lanterns, and these water caltrops. I call them buffalo horns. You are suppose to boil them and crack the shell for a nut inside. I have never eaten one, just remembered playing with them when we were young. We were more interested in the lanterns and mooncakes.


  1. such interesting things in your posts. I enjoy seeing the differences in our places.
    The last picture is of a nut? that is very interesting. and your cakes look good to eat

  2. I would love to try the moon cake, not sure about the buffalo horns.

  3. Happy Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival!
    Tomorrow I will go to our local Asian mall and buy some yummy mooncakes to celebrate.