Monday 24 September 2012

Japanese Classical Doily #23 - Con't

I thought it would be useful for you to see this piece of tatting from the book Tatting Lace by Sumi Fujishige published in 2010. It looks challenging to complete. I am very apprehensive. See my previous post if you are wondering what this is about. If you have tatted this pattern before, please share your photo with us.


  1. Oh wow they are wonderful, I would love to try the pattern even though it looks a little hard.
    I was watching F1 yesterday Singapore looks so interesting and I would love to visit, but it's just a little expensive, must try and win the lottery, at least our local boy came second.

  2. It's so elaborated and beautiful.

  3. You did such a fabulous job on the part you already did, that I can see you completing whatever you choose to do!! :)

  4. Amazing. It'll be well worth putting effort into.

  5. Ohhh - that is daunting! But, it would be a wonderful challenge!
    Fox : ))

  6. Looking at the picture, I would think the long threads in the center would be the most difficult part. Adding more rows to make the round doily look like just more of what you've already done, so shouldn't be too hard for you.

  7. Very lovely although I had to really zoom in to understand the outer row. Just fascinating. Looks simple, is it?

  8. That is a pretty doily, and I like the looks of yours in the burgundy thread.
    I am wondering, the bare threads in the outer round of your doily look longer then the bare threads in the doily in the book. That gives your compact row of tiny rings the look of more space and shallower scallops and hers more crowded with deeper scallops.
    I wonder if that would make a difference in adding additional rows. I like the look of yours.
    did the directions give any spacing measurements?

  9. I've ben tempted to try this since I got the book. It seems like it would be easy to throw off the whole design if the thread between the rings isn't *just* the right size. Would love to try it one day, but that day is not today.

  10. Hi Margaret, Please buy a ticket as soon as you can. Perhaps you will be the next winner.

    Thank you Micellanea, Sue, Jane and Fox. I may continue with it but not at the moment.

    Hi Martha, I did not think of it but you may have a point here. No, not simple, I must have been dreaming.

    Hi Michelle, It is a very interesting pattern, indeed!

    Hi Ladytats, Yes the bare threads measurements are given. Mine are a little longer than given. I like the airy look too but like you pointed out, less scalloped.

    Hi Mica, Do try the pattern. It is daunting at the start but it gets better, I think.

    Thank you all.