Wednesday 19 September 2012


This is tempeh uncooked and just unwrapped from the leaves where it was fermenting in. It is fungi fermented soybeans which is full of protein and very inexpensive. For more information, link here

I first tried tempeh in Bali Indonesia. It was deep fried and then stirred with chilli and black sweet sauce. It was delicious. There are many ways to cook tempeh. Most popular is sambal goreng where tempeh is stir fried with french beans, a dish normally eaten with rice.


  1. I do not eat most items on the popular American and Canadian menu, preferring Asian cooking, so your tidbits always make my mouth water. Not very ladylike, but that's the truth!
    Drooling again,
    Fox : )

  2. This made me think of the nato that my husband eats. It's a fermented soy bean that looks like American baked beans, but smells awful. It's a beloved Japanese food I can never bring myself to eat.

    But hey that's why there is so much variety in the world!

  3. Unlike natto, tempeh has no smell. Natto is fermented with a bacteria so it is slimy and has a distinct smell. I like tempeh and miso but no natto for me.

    Fox, we have lots of tidbits in Singapore and Malaysia e.g. perserved fruits, fried chips, all sorts of pastry and biscuits. Have you tried mooncakes?