Tuesday 25 September 2012

Pineapple Heaven Crazy

Yes, I think the pineapple bug has got me. I want to tat the perfect doily without any mistake. I need all the concentration otherwise I will be unpicking on every round or starting a new doily yet again. Shall I tat them in every colour until I get the perfect doily? It would make great gifts. I am going out of my mind. This one is tatted in Flora Size 20 in Colour #239.


  1. You are beginning to sound like someone I know who has that "double-stitch perfection complex!"

    I don't know - it looks very good to me! But I certainly do understand your plight. The quest for mastery!

    I don't know how many of Frivole's hearts I tatted till I got the Catherine WHeel join looking halfway decent to my own eye.

    Curious to see how many times you begin this pattern. I a actually curious enough about all this that I have downloaded the pattern!

    Fox : )

  2. It's a nice colour, now how many colours do you have so we can guess how many you might be tatting. At least you will know the pattern off by heart by then.
    It looks a differcult pattern and yet the design looks so simple, funny how simply designs take more doing

  3. Oh what a pretty color that one is, and that tatting looks just beautiful!! :)