Tuesday 31 August 2010

Weighing In

The last time I weighed Umi and Tsuru was in February 2010. Tsuru was 3.2 kg and Umi was 3.7kg. The reason I weighed them then was because I felt Umi had lost some weight.

Today Umi weighed 5.5kg and Tsuru stepped on the scale and it read 3.4kg.


  1. Perhaps a personal trainer and a Step Master are in order? Some leafy greens and carrot sticks to replace the abundance that has befallen these two very satisfied -looking wee... forget that modifier, beasties?
    Fox: )

    ♥ They are adorable!!

  2. Ha! I feel for you. My vet just put my dog on a diet. Poor over loved pets!

  3. I think a contributing factor was a change in kibble. I felt that they were bored with the regular kibble. Who wouldn't if you ate that day in and day out. Obviously they liked the new kibble too much.