Sunday 15 August 2010

On a Sunday morning

These two places of worship are on the same street just 2 doors away. I just love the colours, the hustle and bustle in the morning. We just had breakfast and was strolling along waiting for the shops to open.

I was watching how she folded the petals of the lotus bud.

LLotus flowers in red, pink and white.

Aren't these gorgeous?

Have you ever seen pigeons in a tree like this? Well, you have now.


  1. Love the photos!

    The pigeons? Yah - everywhere! New York and Toronto has many trees like this! Must be relatives!
    Fox : )

  2. Were the lotus buds real or from fabric? Or paper? They are gorgeous!

  3. Fox, I did not realize that pigeons in trees was a common sight.

    Gina, those lotus buds are the genuine blooms, not paper.

  4. Beautiful flowers!!

    I had never seen a lotus flower before, thanks for sharing!

    Can you send them to me?! Ha

    Take care,