Friday 27 August 2010

Smiling While Tatting

Have you ever smiled while tatting something, just because it was . . .

  • the right thread;
  • the perfect colour;
  • the most appropriate pattern;
  • everything you hoped and wished it could be;

You actually smiled throughout even when you put it down for a few days and picked it up later and you kept on smiling and tatting and smiling. It just felt good.

This is Mary Konior's pattern called Drunkard's Path. The thread is Krystle's HDT 'Vineyard at Dusk' Size 20. I added Delica beads at the joins. The tatting is part of a necklace. I hope to post the necklace soon.


  1. Yes, I have smiled while tatting! Thank you for reminding me of how much I LOVE this craft!

    The think the Drunkard's Path design is perfect for a necklace... the color's great too!

  2. I have never thought of that edging as a necklace but I can see it now! That's going to be nice. There's something about creating that makes me happy too.

  3. Oh, I think that's going to be gorgeous! I really like the colour. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we smiled every time we tatted?

  4. ;-) :-) ^_^ ô_ô *-_-* =^_^=

    Today I smile and I smile ...... Thanks

  5. I usually smile AFTER tatting ) when the project is ready ))

  6. Love the necklace thus far!! :-D

    And, yeah, I've smiled while tatting --usually right before the thread knots on me! LOL.

    -Stephanie Grace