Thursday 19 August 2010

LB snowflakes 16th,18th & 21st

All three snowflakes are patterns from Lene Bjorn's 24 Snowflakes in Tatting.

16th Day of December
I liked this pattern as it looked in the book but when I tatted it up, the shape formed by the chains did not seem uniform. Tatted in Altin Basak Size 50 white with silver metallic strand (Beyaz 1).

18th Day of December

This pattern is made up of rings and split rings tatted in one round. It was fun tatting this. I just noticed that one of the arm is shorter than the rest. I think it would be easier to tat a new one than to correct that. Tatted in Coron Size 40 red (112-8A).
21st Day of December
This snowflake looks prettier than this photo. Lots of Josephine rings in this one. Tatted in Altin Basak Size 50 white with silver metallic strand (Beyaz 1).


  1. I have this book but have yet to tat from it. Your flakes are lovely lovely!

  2. These are all beautiful. The 16th Day has very long chains, which are always difficult to make evenly. It doesn't matter, it's still pretty.

  3. Wow! They all look so beautiful! I sure hope to get that book sometime. :)

  4. These all look great - even the slightly uneven one is beautiful.

    I am particularly drawn to the middle one, as I have tatted that pattern a few times -it is lovely to tat.

    I should try it in the Caron threads that I am hoarding, as I try to decide on a pattern to tat them with.

    Yours looks grand!
    Fox : )

  5. Those Snowflakes are gorgeous and the silver metalic makes them shine!!

  6. Thank you all for your comments. They will look pretty on the tree. Yes, the metallic strand does make it glitter in the light. I will try to tat more. So many patterns to try and so few hours in a day that I can spend tatting.

  7. Lovely! I think the third one is my favourite: I love the negative space--looks like a flower within a snowflake!