Monday 2 August 2010

My new shuttles

I love tatting with my new shuttles. These are modified aero shuttles. I love how they look too. Do drop by La Cossette's Etsy shop.

This snowflake is 'The 23rd day of December' pattern from Lene Bjorn's '24 Snowflakes in Tatting' (page 31). The threads are Coron 40 (Col. 112 8A). I forgot to join the picot of the clover to the spiral chain but I think I prefer this.

I was also comparing the colour to other reds namely Lizbeth 20 Victorian Red (Col. 670) and Coats 40 (Col. 700). I do prefer the shade in Coats Col. 700 which was a gift from Gina.


  1. !!!!
    They are so pretty! ) especially the right one

  2. wow, these are very good.
    Your both very artistic ! =]