Friday 13 August 2010

Lene Bjorn's Snowflakes 5th & 6th

The 5th Day of December pattern from Lene Bjorn's book '24 Snowflakes in Tatting' (page 13). This one is done in Lizbeth 20 in #152 (Christmas Green Mix) and #670 (Victorian Red). This shade of red was not what I had expected but I do like the Christmas Green Mix.

This is the 6th Day of December pattern (page 14). I tatted this in Milford #40 white. Seldom do I use white but I guess snowflakes should be white . . . or not!


  1. Beautiful! I think I should pull this book off the shelf and start some snowflakes!

  2. I love the color combo on the top one! The deep red goes really well with the delicate greens.

    The bottom one is lovely, too. I've always thought that if you're going to call it a snowflake, it should be white; otherwise it's a 6-pointed motif. That's just me being picky, though. This flake has great negative space, too.

  3. Both snowflakes are just beautiful!!!
    I love your color choices too! :)

  4. I usually think of white or white with a bit of blue for snowflakes, but I absolutely adore your variegated greens with the red center!