Wednesday 4 August 2010

Rose in YarnArt Tulip

I exchanged some threads with Lenhen. It arrived a few days ago and I love the colours and the feel of it. It is not as slippery as silk. It was easy to tat with and I love the sheen.

Last week I saw this on Ellen's blog and loved the rose she made. I looked up the pattern by Jeanne Lugert and decided to try it.

I had been coveting Krystle's Lady of the Garden earrings for months and finally got them last week. I love the earrings.

What has all that got to do with this post. Well, I used all three colours of the YarnArt Tulip threads from Elena, ideas from Krystle's earrings and Ellen's roses; and made this.

Thank you all for the inspiration.


  1. Loverly! How wide does it measure?

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the colour of the thread as well!

  3. Glad you liked it.
    Gina, the rose pattern required 25 split rings but I made only 20. The rose is about 0.75 inches across and total is 1.5 inches across.

  4. I love seeing what people do with my rose pattern. thanks, it looks really good. those colors really look good together

  5. I am honoured you visited agaon. I loved the pattern of the rose and meandering path. Thank you for sharing both patterns.