Friday, 28 October 2011

Oh My Gold

Last night AAA reminded me that I wanted to watch this new programme 'Oh My Gold' on TLC channel. It is scheduled for 10pm every Thursday night in Singapore. I am glad I did not miss it. The 1st episode showed the traditional jewellery craft in Jaipur. If you love jewellery, you should not miss this. There is a repeat showing tomorrow at 4pm. 

The pieces were stunning and the amount of handwork is amazing. The gemstones, gold and enamel that goes into each creation are astounding. The designs are traditional but some pieces could look very contemporary too. 

It also showed the beautiful architecture of Jaipur and the intricate decoration that filled every inch of the palace walls. It is hosted by Lisa Ray and she makes the show even more interesting with her sometimes distracting antics. Try to catch the show if you can.

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