Tuesday 11 October 2011

More Wigjig Necklaces

I found a different motif for the Wigjig here. I adjusted the pegs a little so it does look different. The first necklace is made with Swarovski crystals - nine red round (6mm) and one baroque pendant crystal AB (16mm). Matching earrings are made with the same red round (6mm) Swarovski crystals. Chain, toggle clasp and earring hooks are antique silver metal tone.

The second necklace is made with Swarovski crystal pearls - nine deep brown (6mm), one bronze twist crystal pearl nugget (9mm) and one briollete pendant crystal silver shadow (11mm).  Matching earrings are made with the same deep brown (6mm) Swarovski crystals. Chain, toggle clasp and earring hooks are antique silver metal tone.


  1. Thank you Karrieann. Once you get the hang of the wigjig, it was quite easy to make.

  2. Thank you Margaret. Would you wear such necklaces?