Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hanky Edging #7 - Completed

This lovely monogrammed handkerchief was given to me by Fox of Tat-ology. I started the hanky edging with this post and progressed to this post.  Did I undo the first 6 inches of the edging? No, I did not. It did not look too bad after I blocked and ironed it. There is some crumpling but that's fine, easier than undoing 6 inches and tatting it again.

What was tatting 3 edgings simultaneously like? Well I got pretty distracted with side projects until I could not remember the pattern for each edging or what thread I used. If I had to do it again, I would tat one edging with many other small motifs at the side. I think perhaps that would be done much earlier. This took me about 2 months but I am happy with the results. Here is a photo of all three and I have Gina, Fox and Diana to thank for.


  1. Bravo! Your tatting is superb!

    Love the way the "S" hankie turned out. You have obviously mastered the block technique that eludes SOME of us! : ))

    I am surprised it only took two months to complete all three. Such dedication to your art. Some might even call it - get ready - crazy behaviour - but not me!
    Fox : ))

  2. Again, another GORGEOUS edging!
    To me, even simple tatting patterns are special and unique in the world of lace, but then there are patterns that are EXCEPTIONAL, and this is certainly one of them!

    Susan uses block tatting to great effect in her designs, and this amazing pattern is perfect for this very beautiful, embroidered handkerchief! The corners worked out perfectly.

    Congratulations on completing so many projects! I am so impressed with all your work!

  3. That hanky is fabulously elegant!!! And all three look so wonderful! :)

  4. Quite an accomplishment and I agree that too many of the same thing makes it difficult to remember which thread and which pattern was being used. You've finished them all beautifully though!

  5. Wow - it's beautiful! The tatting works so well with the embroidery too, it looks like they were made for each other. Lovely!

  6. superb work on the hankies! i keep telling myself i have to get back to mine... :p