Thursday 27 October 2011

Elephant Patterns from Martha Ess and Inga Madsen

This pattern is from Martha Ess' book 'More Critters on the Block'. I used Lizbeth 20 Col. 143 Royal Wave. This tiny elephant is about 2 inches across.

This pattern is from Inga Madsen. I used the same thread for it. I think somehow the pattern got lost with this thread. Perhaps I should try a solid blue instead.

How is the scale of this mother and baby? Does it look strange?

Or is this better? Perhaps I should use all the elephants I made and group them into one big family.


  1. I like the idea of an elephant family with different sizes.

    Isn't it unlucky to have the trunk pointing down? I seem to remember that from some cultures.

  2. Great elephants! :)
    I really like the block one-don't think I could do that. :)

  3. Hello Wendy,

    WOW those elephants are soooooo truly beautiful. Love them. I love seeing all your tatting creations. I used one of the hearts you made me on another projects. Love it too. I posted some pics on my blog. Hugs Judy

  4. Well I think the onion ring one is a better size but the Martha pattern is a much better pattern IMHO

  5. I think they're all gorgeous, but I kind of have to admite the block-tatted one is my favorite. *blushes* I think it'd be adorable to see them all in line, holding onto each others' tails with their trunks, :-)

    -Stephanie Grace

  6. I like the block elephant. It will make a great brooch!