Friday 14 October 2011

Chain Maille Earrings

This is my attempt at chain maille. Saw this tutorial here tried out the 1 into 4 spiral chain. It didn't turn out as in the photo. But if I held the two end and twist, I do see a twisted chain. Anyway I made a pair of earrings with it. Rings and hooks are antique silver tone with fresh water pearls at the end.


  1. I was expecting to see tatted chain maille rings! Silly me not to consider the real McCoy (metal rings) first. Your earrings look FAB!

  2. nice, now there are 2 tatters that I know of who do chainmaille. you and Jeff from bridge city tatting

  3. Hi Isdihara, I guess it could be done with tatting. I remember tatting a sample of a chain as shown in the Japanese Peikko book.

    Hi Ladytats, I was just trying it out, nothing near what Jeff creates with his chain maille.