Sunday 2 January 2011

Tatting Press from Nifty Needle

My name was drawn in a giveaway at Nifty Needle's blog recently. I was thrilled to hear when Ann informed me. A tatting press which is so lovely and will be so useful to keep my tatting WIP when I travel. I love my tatting press. Thank you so much Ann.
She also thoughfully included the remaining fabric which she used for the press. I love the fabric she chose and although I would never think to choose this combination, when put together it complements each other so well. And the brown bow completes the press beautifully. I love, love it.


  1. Doesn't she have a way with color/print combinations? I am so stuck in solid paired with print. It has pushed me to consider other options ...sometimes. Your press is lovely!

  2. Oh, so pretty! She is a talented lass! Enjoy your press!
    Fox : )

  3. Luck you to win such a wonderful gift! Love the colors.

  4. You are another lucky recipient of a tatting press! Great colors once again - Ann does have a way with blending colors! Congrats :)

  5. Each press is lovelier than the last. Yours reminds me of fine chocolate, with that darling bow.

    Once you use it you will wonder how you ever managed without one!

    Happy New Year to you!