Monday 17 January 2011

Christmas 2011 Snowflake #2

This pattern is also Susanne Schwenke's from her book Spitzen-Ideen on page 22. I chose this to tat because it seemed an unusual pattern. My block tatting was not too neat but I still love the pattern. This is snowflake #2.


  1. Very pretty pattern

    I find block tatting very challenging. I do like the effective way it is used in this motif.
    Fox : )

  2. You are on your way to a tree decorated with snowflakes for 2011 Christmas. Can't wait for your next design as your first two are very pretty.

  3. This pattern is very attractive, and I love the effect of the block tatting. I've never done block tatting but I would think it's easier to do than clunies, yet Fox (who has mastered clunies) seems to think block tatting is challenging!

    Is this book available on the internet?

  4. Hi Kathy,

    I got my copy here

    It is a lovely book.

    Hi Tatting-Marie,
    I hope so. At the rate I am going, I may end up with 24 snowflakes. I have not decided on the 3rd one yet, maybe another pattern of Susanne.

    Thank you Fox and God's Kid,
    I love the shape of this snowflake although I think the block tatting could have been neater with smaller spacer picots.