Thursday 6 January 2011

Shuttle Exchange with Bonnie



I sent Bonnie this faux MOP blinged shuttle and she sent me these. I love to see how each of the shuttles from the shuttle exchanges are different. How each person has personalized it in their own style. I love how Bonnie chose colours to match the original shuttle colour and included the quote "Tat On". Thank you so much Bonnie. I will treasure them.

I still have two shuttles (Diva and Berry Branch) which are not spoken for. If you would like to do an exchange with me, just let me know. Next week I have another shuttle (Green Lotus) for exchange.

In case you were wondering about the background I used for the photos. I received this postcard from a local department store and thought it would make a lovely background for the shuttles. The Lunar New Year is on 3rd February 2011 and it will be the year of the rabbit.

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