Wednesday 26 January 2011

Petunias are Blooming

The blooms are pretty and it brightens up the balcony. This plant needs plenty of water. It starts to wilt fast if I am late watering it. I hang it from the ceiling. It does not get direct sunlight but it is doing quite well.
Some of you asked about the glass chandelier in my previous post. I did not want to comment at that post as I am keeping count of the numbers for the draw. Now to answer some of your questions. The fluorescent lights are placed vertically in the core and circular frames surround the lights from which the glass cups hang. This shop is in Bangkok's Siam Paragon Food Court. No, although it is a cafe, they do not use the glass cups from this chandelier. I am sure it is a major operation to clean it but I should think it would be easier to clean than a regular crystal chandelier. At least this one you could bring down the cups and wash it in the dish washer as Tatting Marie said. Coffee cups or porcelain cups would work in your own kitchen although it would not reflect the light so much but I am sure it will still be pretty.


  1. Gorgeous flowers! Especially as all I see is snow out my window this morning!
    Thanks for brightening up my day.
    Fox : )

  2. Good Day Wendy, Your Petunias are such a lovely brillant pink color. Love them. It made me smile allot today to see them. Hugs Judy

  3. Pretty pink petunias on a grey winter's day. Thank you for the mood booster.