Saturday 29 January 2011

A Pink Hairpin

This one is done in pink Venus Size 40 threads. In the middle is an alabaster pink rhinestone. The shape is slightly more diamond shaped. And Tsuru said no. Some of you asked where I found the hairpin filigree frame. I got them from the local jewellery craft store. And no, I did not stiffen the tatting. It takes time to tat this and it isn't easy as a tiny crochet hook has to go through the tiny spaces of the filigree frame.
I think I will also try glueing some to the other type of hairpin e.g. snap clips or aligator pinch clips which would be easier to use, especially for the younger kids. I will post them if I ever get around to making them.


  1. The Boss would love it! Rhinestone and all! I'm going to check out the dollar store today.
    Fox : )

  2. I love this "jewel" which would make a beautiful brooch too!