Friday 7 January 2011

Dragon Wing Doily

This is my first Dragon Wing Doily. The pattern is by Anne Bruvold. Thank you Anne. You can find most of Anne's patterns here. The next pattern of Anne's that I want to try is the SSSR angel. This doily is done in Lizbeth Size 40 in #117 (Countryside) and measures about 4 inches across. I over-stretched it during blocking.


  1. The colours give it an altogether different feeling than the one I did or others I have seen. Moody!

    How did that blocking happen? I have never "over-stretched" anything.
    Fox :O

  2. Hi Fox,

    When I was tatting it, I was wondering the same thing. It does look different from others I have seen.

    I meant that the rings were stretched oval.