Friday, 21 November 2008

Treasures from Pat Part I

I won Pat’s birthday giveaway. Pat chose a coin purse for me. I love it. It is robin egg blue. Is that colour appropriately described? It was lovingly wrapped in a purple flower taffeta material with silk ribbons and a butterfly tag. The purse looks really vintage with lovely silk ribbon flowers embroidered on the top near the pretty purse frame. I especially love the lace of leaves and flowers running up the left side and a wonderful message in the centre which reads "With love and fond wishes". And when you open the purse, you see a lovely tag inside. I will treasure this Pat. Thank you so much!

In another quiz by Pat for Halloween, I won this pin which says Free Broom Rides. I told Pat how appropriate this was, Wendy the witch giving free broom rides with her little black cat (my Tsuru). The altered boy looks sweet bearing this message and to celebrate Halloween he is decked up with glitter and a witch’s hat. And oh, it is filled with lavender and so sweet-smelling. Also note the packaging it came in.

Pat included lots more in her package but I will keep that to blog about another day.


  1. OHGosh! You are soooooo lucky! Pat's creations are the most beautiful things EVER!

  2. ooh lucky deserve it! The coin purse is FABULOUS!