Thursday 20 November 2008

Bookworm award

Kathy tagged and gave me this award. Would I care to participate. Hmmmm . . okay. The nearest book to me at the moment is Anne of Avonlea. I watched the TV series nearly 10 years ago, borrowed the books from K and never had time to read it. Recently I took it out from my bookshelf and read Anne of Green Gables. I am now reading the 2nd book. I told Kathy the other book nearest to me on my sofa is a Japanese Tatting book and I did not know how to write out the 5th sentence from page 56 of this book.

So here it goes. 5th sentence on Pg 56 of Anne of Avonlea by L. M. Montgomery reads: “Well, I ain’t gonna let anyone else pull it” says Davy, doubling up his fists and frowning. “They’d just better try it. I didn’t hurt her much . . . she just cried ‘cause she’s a girl. I’m glad I’m a boy but I am sorry I am a twin.”

Who got tagged and awarded the bookworm award?
1. Sherry
2. Pat
3. Ellen
4. Lana
5. Annie

Thank you Kathy!!