Tuesday 11 November 2008

Egg dolls for the Comfort Doll Project

More egg dolls for the Comfort Doll Project. I am happy to say that it has arrived and they are safe with Pat. If you want to know the history of this, do refer here.

The dolls are made with Thai silk fabric, Delica beads, sequins, tatted egg, fire-polished glass beads, more glass beads, plastic beads and Swarovski crystal pearls. All hand sewn while I watch TV with Umi and Tsuru on my left and right.

From L to R

Shy Jill in Hot Fuchsia: Bashful eyes batting her eyelashes; Pretty flower shoes; Body dotted with fire-polished glass beads; Seams lined with pink sequins and Delica beads; Tatted egg in pink and mint green threads

Cordelia the Garden Goddess: A garland of flowers on her temple; Smiling at the flowers blooming in her garden, Glass slippers on her feet; Seams lined with metallic mint green Delica beads; Tatted egg in variegated pinkish blue and green threads

Sonia in Sky Blue: A love charm on her neck tied in a narrow lilac ribbon, She’s too modest to show her face; Light purple glass slippers on her feet; A crystal pearl studs her belly, Seams lined in purple sequins and bluish lilac Delica beads; Tatted egg in variegated purple and dark green threads

Puteri the Ivory Princess: She waits for her new owner to sew on a pretty face for her. She could be smiling or be deep in thought; Sewn in pale ivory silk; Crystal pearl shoes; Seams lined with bronze Delica beads; Tatted egg in khaki, pink and light blue threads; On her back a little ‘made with love’ charm. Puteri is Princess in Malay and it is pronounced as pu---tree.


  1. Wendy, they are all so charming. I love the detailed work, the tatting, and your little story about each one. These little darlings are sure to provide comfort for their new owners.

  2. These are fabulous Wendy! I love them all but I think Puteri is my favorite!

    Wow! Great job!

  3. These dolls are just adorable. Love the tatting on them too.

  4. Yes, they did arrive and are just beautiful. I enjoyed their stories too. Thank you again Wendy, You are so sweet.