Saturday, 22 November 2008

HDTs from Yarnplayer Arts

This was one of the packages I received last week. Beautiful HDTs from Yarnplayer Arts on Etsy. Marilee also has a blog where she has wonderful tatting designs with beads. From top to bottom: Pizzazz, Tourmaline, Bronzed rose, Nicobar pigeon and Forest. I have started using Forest to make Holly leaves. I will photograph it as soon as it is done.


  1. Congratulations. The thread is beautiful,

  2. Oh! Your HDT's are beautiful! I have been eyeing Marilee's "Forest" for sometime. It will look perfect as holly leaves. I look forward to you pictures of the finished product.

  3. I am enjoying my new HDTs. Also got a 'buttload' from Sherry. Will photograph them soon.