Saturday, 1 November 2008

A drive to look for sea glass

Woke up this morning to pounding on our ceiling at 6.30am. Sounded like someone on the top floor was assembling furniture. After some pounding you could hear a hammer being laid down on his floor, our ceiling.
Oh well, I thought since we were up, could we drive to the beach to look for sea glass. Ever since collecting sea glass at Port Dickson, I was eager to see whether the beaches of Singapore had any. We live on the north west of Singapore and I wanted to go to Changi beach 32 kms away, to look for sea glass.
Well, to cut a long story short, we ended up in Geylang Serai market for breakfast, drove to East Coach Park, then Changi Beach and I could not find a single piece of sea glass. At East Coast Park, all I found on the beach was empty water bottles, plastic bags, other people's trash, a broken light bulb and onions. Yes, thrash from the city. It's sad.
At Changi beach, it was cleaner, sea shells, seaweed, germinating mangrove seeds, a sea urchin shell and barnacles. What was interesting was that there was a group from the US Army out doing community work. Oh and yes, you could see the planes flying down for landing as the beach was just next to the airport. Caught this on my camera. It was drizzling and a cloudy day.


  1. Looks like you got some nice shells there!Is that one bit of sea glass? It's very unusual for seaglass. Sorry your neighbors are so noisy! How annoying!

  2. Oh that's a porcelain shard. It looks quite new as the edges were still quite sharp. Yes pretty shells. And the sea urchin still had its teeth inside the shell. I could not take it out and it acts like a rattle.

    Yes sometimes it gets annoying when its late at night or too early in the morning. I think sometimes, we might be annoying to the downstairs neighbour too. The neighbour probably did not realise we can hear it so clearly. The floors / ceilings are just too thin.