Monday 17 November 2008

Items on Etsy Part V

Another jewellery Etsian I always look out for is Xinxinemin from Saitama, Japan. Her wired jewellery is intricate yet unique. She wires up unusual shapes, some in '3-dimensional cages'. She also uses the different gemstones to combine the lovely colours. I particularly like a pair of dangling earrings done with ruby and rubelite which yes, has been sold. She has it on her Etsy banner, second one from far right.

Of course there are all the other shops which I adore which I have bought from. If you are on Etsy, you know where to go. Am I an Etsy addict? Maybe.

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  1. Beautiful jewellery and your poppy seed cake looks delicious.

    I have a gift for you on my blog if you care to participate.