Sunday, 16 November 2008

Lemon poppy seed cake

I have been meaning to bake this cake since February. I know, its November. I finally got down to it today. The crunch of the poppy seeds add an interesting texture. I'm having this with a cup of Earl Grey. Hmm, I think I would bake this cake again, maybe for Christmas. I also received two packages this past week. I will post them next week. Are you wondering what those holes on the cake are. The recipe required me to poke holes and drizzle it with a lemon syrup. Perhaps I should have used a smaller instrument instead of a chopstick. And the next time I bake this I shall drizzle it with a lemon liquer instead of just a lemon syrup.


  1. Yummy, it looks so delicous!

    ....ahhhh I am missing an oven.....

  2. I have a very small one, just slightly bigger than an oven toaster and I have made cakes and roasted chicken in it. It is really useful.